Discovering the Power of Detoxification

Lead and heavy metals in our system has been a major issue most people doesn’t even know exists.  With the numerous research and testing done on EDTA chelation therapy and the many benefits it’s been proven to provide, it’s time to start offering your patients the ability to live more life.

  • Efficacy Driven – All product made in an FDA registered facility

  • Research Led – We have lab tested and continue to test our products and provide this data to practitioners.

  • Quality Orientated – All products have the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal.

Lab Driven Analysis

DetoxHM is currently involved with 3-6 month structured product testing including pre-post provocations along with clinical lab test results.  We currently have a 6 month lab test from a practitioner showing a significant reduction in 5 key toxic heavy metals along with other tests in process.

Because Detox HM’s products are are manufactured in an FDA registered facility and have the Good Manufacturing Practices Seal, there regularly tested for accurate potency and ingredients and we use the highest quality active and inactive ingredients.

Meet Our Team

Detox HM has over 50 years experience developing, formulating, manufacturing, and distributing calcium disodium EDTA products.

Ron PartainCOO & Co-Founder
Ron has been working with Calcium Disodium EDTA Chelation products for over 15 years. Ron worked as a componding pharmacy assistant before he helped start several EDTA chelation therapy products. Ron’s father was one of the original co-developers of the EDTA suppository that has been a standard for chelation therapy for years. Ron also has an extensive background in manufacturing, logistics, and customer support. Ron heads operations as the Co-Founder and COO and is responsible for all shipping, logistics, product development, and quality control.
Ron E Partain RPh, CCNPractitioner & Patient Support
Ronald E. Partain Sr., graduated from the University of Arizona Pharmacy School in June of 1968. After graduation he served his country in the US Army as an officer from 1968 to 71 serving one tour in Vietnam. Mr. Partain started his own pharmacy practice in 1974 and always strove to be a pioneer. In 1979, he completed a clinical pharmacy course at the University of Southern California. In 1984, he began a compounding practice and was one of only five compounding pharmacists in the state of California working with various types of hormone and pain medicines. In 1996, Mr. Partain helped create the EDTA Suppository and subsequently completed his Certification as a clinical nutritionist (CCN) in 2000. Ron has done thousands of consultations over the last 35+ years and is an integral part of our team.
Michael Silbert D.C.President of Practitioner Sales
Dr Michael Silbert (Dr Mike to us) has an extensive background as a licensed Chiropractor since 1994 running the Chicago Wellness Center for over 20 years. Prior to being a Chiropractor, Dr Mike owned a vitamin business, was the clinical administrator in a very active IV Chelation clinic, and was a licensed massage therapist. In 2002, he co-founded EZNotes Inc which is a successful Chiropractic Soap notes software sold to Chiropractors nationwide. With his excellent past experiences working with health and wellness products, Dr Mike has decided to join us as the President of Practitioner Sales and is the primary contact for all practitioner partners.
Frank P SickleCEO & Co-Founder
Frank has over 20+ years working with manufacturers in sales management and marketing. After he received his marketing degree, Frank worked for a number of high-tech manufacturers before starting his first marketing agency in 2001. Over the years he’s worked with dozens of health and wellness manufacturers helping them with marketing and product development. Frank’s role as CEO is to help shape DetoxHM into a brand that practitioners can rely on for high quality products and support. Frank is responsible for sales management and marketing development along with customer | sales partner support.